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Becoming a coach had been a dream of mine for many years. At the time I didn’t have the courage to take the steps needed to break from my professional trajectory and train to become a certified Coach. Since then, I feel like every step on my path has led me to becoming a coach and when the time was right taking that step, doing the training and fully embracing my passion was as natural as breathing. I now have the knowledge, skills, experience and self-confidence needed to hold space for each of my clients on their unique journey and be the partner they need to facilitate the deep work needed on the path to unlocking their true potential.

Even though coaches are not supposed to have all the answers for their clients, I do believe that experience and knowledge in the areas your client is working, is of great importance to being a competent coach.

I have 10 years of experience working in a corporate environment in management positions. I have successfully started and run several solo and small enterprises over the last 11 years. I have 20 years of experience in managing, mentoring, training and developing teams. I have had many successes and made many mistakes. I have learned from both.

Personally, I have always been a seeker and learner. I have done so many professional and personal development courses, that I can’t even remember them all. Whenever there is a challenge in my life I tap into the resources around me and tackle things head on, learning and developing with each step. I am a huge supporter of asking for help, advice and guidance.

I have had many challenges to overcome in my life: deep trauma, death, serious health issues, family and relationship challenges, divorce, financial troubles, moving homes, moving countries and many more. From these experiences I bring deep empathy and also the knowledge that we can get through anything if we have the right support network.

Through my lifelong passion for holistic health, I bring a wealth of experience and training in healthy lifestyle, nutrition, cookery, exercise, meditation, yoga, dance, energy, biohacking, alternative health practices and so much more.

I believe I was born to be a coach and I will spend my life learning and growing to continually bring the best to this role.

My Approach

In coaching with me you can expect to reflect on and get clarity around on the topics, goals and desired outcomes which are most relevant to you. In each session we will work on bite sized pieces of your pre determined larger goals. We will explore, reframe, question and break down topics. We will work on action plans, identify resources and obstacles and lastly we will set up accountability steps. If you are open and ready to do the work needed, the coaching experience will be your champion on the path of success. 

I live in Berlin and coach in both English and German. 

As a certified Human Potential Coach, I offer a holistic health and life coaching service.